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Buy Hankook Tyres

buy hankook tyres

  • The Hankook Tire group, based in Seoul, South Korea is the seventh largest tire company in the world . Established in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company, it was renamed Hankook Tire Manufacturing in 1968.

  • (tyre) tire: hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"

  • A rubber covering, typically inflated or surrounding an inflated inner tube, placed around a wheel to form a flexible contact with the road

  • A strengthening band of metal fitted around the rim of a wheel

  • (tyre) Sur: a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea; formerly a major Phoenician seaport famous for silks

  • A tire (in American English) or tyre (in British English) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.

  • Obtain in exchange for payment

  • Pay someone to give up an ownership, interest, or share

  • obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction; "The family purchased a new car"; "The conglomerate acquired a new company"; "She buys for the big department store"

  • bargain: an advantageous purchase; "she got a bargain at the auction"; "the stock was a real buy at that price"

  • bribe: make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence; "This judge can be bought"

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Mazda Miata (Flyin' Miata turbocharged) #2

Mazda Miata (Flyin' Miata turbocharged) #2

And my new car! It's a '98 Mazda MX-5, 1.8l model.

We bought it completely standard and all beaten-up in November '10 and customized it during February, March and April...

- Flyin' Miata FMII Turbo system. (GT2554r, Link ECU, etc.)
- Flyin' Miata 2.5" Stainless Steel exhaust system.
- Flyin' Miata V-Maxx customized suspension.
- Flyin' Miata intercooler, blowoff, etc.
- CentricParts brakes and SS lines.
- Axxis Ultimate brakepads. (PBR ULT)
- 50mm core aluminium radiator.
- 17" Team Dynamics with 204/40/R17 Hankook V12 Ventus tires.

1050kg, and It's producing 240hp and 300nm of torque. (full 300nm @ 3995rpm)

new shoes

new shoes

My local tire shop had a set of 16" wheels off of a Volvo S80, so I weighed my options and decided to ditch the faulty Goodyear Eagle tires that came on it. I bought Fuzion HRi tires for these 16" wheels, and Hankook W300 Ice Bear snow tires for the original 15" wheels. The snow tires should be arriving sometime next week. That gives me enough time to get the feel of these new tires. They're the same kind of tires I have on my beetle right down to the 205/55/16 size.

buy hankook tyres

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